Who is WNY Protech?

WNY Protech has been helping homes and businesses in our area get better tv, internet, security and telephone services for nearly 20 years.  We are focused on quality products and installations over quantity.  We'd rather do 1 installation right than 10 that are "good enough". 


Whether getting a security system, new satellite service or upgrading your current equipment you can be confident we will provide personal, detailed service that fits your needs and budget.  Each person on our team is dedicated to making sure you're satisfied with the investment you make through us.

While we have our own trained technicians you can often find the owner, Paul, on jobsites performing installations or working side-by-side with other employees.  Our whole team understands the "custom" service often needed for each client and they work together to provide 110% satisfaction for everyone.

The best part is you never need to call "1-800-SOMEWHERE" again.  Every question or concern you have can start with a call to our local office.  We'll answer, resolve and make you happy without hours on the phone being transferred all over the world.

Call now.  Save money.  Get better service and make us your only in-home digital service provider for years to come.